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Traditional Meets Tailored: Ankara Lace Jacket by Gazelle

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Ankara Lace Jacket by Gazelle.

Introducing the Ankara Lace Jacket by Gazelle.

Fashion-lovers rejoice! Gazelle has unveiled its latest color block design: the Ankara Lace Jacket. An exquisite design that exudes sophistication, this jacket can be yours for just $159.99. Be bold and dare to make a statement with this one-of-a-kind piece!

Exploring the Ankara Lace Jacket

Since its inception, Gazelle has been dedicated to bringing forth the trendiest of fashions. Their Ankara Lace Jacket is certainly no exception and stands as one of their favorite gorgeous creations. Let's take a deeper dive into this breathtaking garment and all that it offers.

What is the Ankara Lace Jacket?

Gazelle's Ankara Lace Jacket takes traditional design from Ghana, West Africa and puts a modern spin on it. The jacket's silhouette is structured and features the visual effects of leather to give it a unique, luxurious look. When layered with basic or trendy garments, the eye-catching style is a favorite among fashion-forward individuals!

Who is this Jacket for?

This jacket, inspired by traditional West African designs, is a stylish addition to any adult's wardrobe. The design has been modified to meet the demands of Gazelle's founder, Mariatu Kargbo, who initially crafted the garment to suit the needs of a customer wanting something more open. Its exquisite look and feel conveys luxury and sophistication while exhibiting a confident and daring presence.

How Was the Ankara Lace Jacket Created?

Gazelle's Ankara Lace Jacket is a design lovely. Crafted with high-density cotton fabric and brown paper, the jacket offers a unique texture that's reminiscent of leather. Its design was created by carefully cutting the fabric into small rectangles, followed by the brown paper for the outline. It took 7.5 yards of fabric and two days of sewing to create this amazing garment, offering a quality that is unmistakable.

Caring for Your Jacket

You will want to take care of this amazing jacket, in order to style it today and in the years ahead. To maintain its quality, always wash the jacket in cold water and hang it up to air dry. For the most ideal results, consider getting the jacket dry-cleaned.

Add the Ankara Lace Jacket to Your Closet!

Enhance your wardrobe with Gazelle's stunning Ankara Lace Jacket! With its audacious and sophisticated style, this piece is the ideal way to complete your closet. Its unparalleled versatility will add an elegant charm to your existing favorites. Be daring and stylish with this gorgeous addition from Gazelle!


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