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This collection began as the founder reminisces about her daughter's natural hairstyle as a preschooler. In her closet, she pulled out her keepsake treasures from her children's childhood items. In it were some of the dolls she had as a preschooler. All of the dolls had straight hair.


She loved her daughter's bushy Afro, but her six-year-old daughter does not feel the same way because she called it "puffy." This comment haunted her for years until three years ago, during which her daughter began to wear her natural curls.


She is excited about natural curls and was in awe of why she did not like her natural hair when she was younger. "This statement was the cornerstone of the emergence of the Gazelle Doll and Fashion Collection. This collection will serve a role in helping little girls embrace their individualism, culture, diversity, and awareness of Ankara print because the Gazelle dolls will include hair textures and clothing patterns that promote Afrocentrism today.

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